Friday - Saturday Night

We stayed in Leominster because it was the closest motel we could find to New Ipswich, NH where Jim's Uncle Larry lives.  The key cards at Motel 6 have a number to Dominos on them.  Guess what we had for supper?  Denny's was also right outside our door!  Friday morning we got up and finally found Uncle Larry's.  We had a wonderful visit and he looks great for a young man of 93!  He really amazes me as he is very adept to the computer and even has his own digital camera. 


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Uncle Larry is the "official" Ackerson Family "historian" and has gathered a great deal of information and photos pertaining to the family.  I was thrilled to be able to scan some photos of Jim's ancestors and other relatives while they visited!  Uncle Larry also gave us a picture he had painted and he gave me a CD with family information and photos on it.  We will cherish all.



On to Tom & Wendy's!



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