Christmas 2006


This was a very special Christmas this year!  Scott arrived home on leave the 18th and on the 20th we went to KY and picked up Kris and Caitlin and brought them home for the holidays.  Kris has not been home for Christmas since 1995 and Caitlin has never been to North Carolina.  Angie and Kris gave me the most awesome Christmas gift.  They took the 3 girls and had their portrait done at Sears for me.  Angie also had her girls photos taken earlier this month as a Christmas gift to herself.  Below are the results! 

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           liznbri06-1.jpg (170172 bytes)                                                       liznbri06-3.jpg (160212 bytes)

                  Elizabeth & Sabrina Dec 2006                        Their Christmas Card Photo with "Belle"


My Favorite Christmas Present!

girls2.jpg (116479 bytes)

Caitlin (9), Elizabeth (13) & Sabrina (7)

(Caitlin will be 10 in January)

Other Photos




Sylvia Ackerson 2006 - 2007