Day Two


   We left Odenton at almost 8 am Thursday morning headed to 95 North.  We found it relatively easy and set out for Leominster, MA where I had reserved a room for us for Thursday and Friday night.  I kept my camera handy and as you will see I love to take photos! 

     Somewhere between PA and NJ?  The name caught my eye....

5-17-07-6_resize.jpg (101043 bytes)

 Then I spotted this!  I had to get it quick before we got past it.

          tripics07-01.jpg (121368 bytes)         

Going across the George Washington Bridge

tripics07-02.jpg (109379 bytes)

We had decided to just follow 95 N all the way to MA. NOT a good idea!


tripics07-04.jpg (106657 bytes)

This must have been somewhere after we had gone through NYC. Also NOT a good idea!

We arrived at Motel 6 in Leominster about 6 pm which we felt was pretty good time considering all the traffic we were stuck in while going through NYC.  No photos of the motel!  Too tired!



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