Young Family Documents

Marriage Certificates

Philip and Elizabeth (Gorr - Young) Gross

Adam and Ruth (Kinch) Young

Adam and Emma (Moss-Hamm) Young

Jacob and Mary (Reichman) Young

Lansing and Louisa (Marble) Young

Oliver and Katherine "Kate" Young

Death Certificates

Elizabeth(Gorr)Young - Gross

Adam Young

Ruth Young, 1st wife of Adam Young

Mary(Young)(Pelham) Misner

Frank Pelham, 1st husband of Mary Young

James Misner, 2nd husband of Mary Young

George Frederick Young

Lydia (Morse) Young, wife of George F. Young

Elizabeth(Young) McAdams

Ella(Greatsinger)Young, wife of John Young

Peter Young Jr

Katherine(Young) McAdams

Margaret(Young)(Townsend) Henson

James Jay Townsend, 1st husband of Margaret Young

Whilomena "Minnie" (Young) Townsend

Alanson "Lansing" Young

Jacob Young

Mary T.(Reichman) Young, wife of Jacob Young

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