Our Arrival

Our trip began prematurely on September 17the due to the impending threat of Hurricane Isabel hitting the eastern coast. All flights from Wilmington were canceled for the 18th, but Delta put us on a 7:50 PM flight to Atlanta. Aside from having to spend 12 hours in the Atlanta airport, the remainder of our trip was uneventful.

We arrived safely in Honolulu at 3:25 PM on Thursday. Scott was there to meet us and took us to his apartment in Kapolei, about a 20 min. ride west of Honolulu. After a delicious dinner Jim fell asleep and Scott and I spent the evening on the "lanai" just listening to music and catching up. Scott was a wonderful host and tour guide and had planned activities for almost every day of our stay.

The following photos will lead you through our stay and the places that we visited.

9-18-3-1.jpg (68899 bytes)

The plane we arrived on!

9-18-3-3.jpg (64869 bytes)

Honolulu International Airport

  9-19-3-9.jpg (23031 bytes)

Wakiki Beach

9-19-3-6.jpg (94006 bytes)

"The Tropics" outdoor cafe on Waikiki Beach where we ate lunch!

9-19-3-5.jpg (95578 bytes)

This bird would have sat on our table if we had let her/him!

9-19-3-1.jpg (91234 bytes)

Scott and I at one of the beaches.

9-19-3-24.jpg (97533 bytes)

Along the north shore

9-19-3-62.jpg (61182 bytes)

The Dole Plantation

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