The USS Arizona Memorial

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

The USS Arizona Memorial is a unit of the National Park Service and commemorates the site where WW II began with the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. You can read more about the memorial at Prior to boarding the shuttle which took us out to the memorial we saw a short film that showed Pearl Harbor the day before the attack, the day of the attack and the days that followed. It was very impressive! Seeing the memorial to those who lost their lives that day was chilling and very sad. There is also a listing of those crew members who survived the attack and have chosen to be buried with their shipmates.

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The ferry that takes you out to the memorial.

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1177 men from the USS Arizona went down with the ship.

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You can still see oil rising from the sunken ship.

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On the left is the USS Battleship Missouri Memorial.

To the right is the USS Arizona Memorial.

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Anchor raised from the hulk of the USS Arizona

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