Sea Life Park at Wimanalo, HI

An awesome place where we saw the Kolohe Kai Sea Lion Show, The Pirates Lagoon Show and several other exhibits of marine life. We walked around the entire park and checked out all the exhibits including the feeding of the Sea Lions. We also attended a show in the Hawaii Ocean Theater which included performances of the Dolphins and Penguins. This was one place where a front row seat was NOT a *good* thing!



9-23-3-47.jpg (129402 bytes)

Sea Lions Taking Their Afternoon "Siesta"

9-23-3-81.jpg (48560 bytes)

One Of The Sea Lions Performing For Us

9-23-3-39.jpg (77561 bytes)

It looked like the Penguins were having a "pow-wow"!

9-23-3-42.jpg (156639 bytes)

Guess Who?

9-23-3-45.jpg (167056 bytes)

One of the beautiful waterfalls

9-23-3-2.jpg (68241 bytes)

One of the sea turtles

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