Kris and Nicole!


            Last May Kris discovered that her half sister, Nicole had found her.  Nici was born in Germany and while Kris knew about her she never dreamed they would one day meet! Nici came to the US in 1976 and decided that she wanted to find the family of her biological father. 

           Nici is married and has a son, Robby.  She grew up in various areas of the US, but as a teen spent most of her years in the Tampa, FL area.  On the weekend of Jan 15th she and Kris met for the first time face to face.

Kris & Nicole

Nici's hubby Steve

Nici's son, Robby

Jessie & Jake Making Friends

Jessie is Kristen's and Jake is Nici's


Caitlin in her new glasses and her 2009 School Photo

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