Our Week in Wells!


        We headed out Sunday morning for Tom & Wendy's.  We decided to take the long way and go up Route One instead of 95 so that we could check out everything along the way. We arrived at Tom & Wendy's just after noon and were greeted with the wonderful news that their first grandchild had arrived on Friday!  After visiting a bit we decided to ride up the the hospital in Biddeford and meet the newest member of the Ackerson family!

Quentin Thomas Ackerson

           It was wonderful to see the family again. It had been way too many years and we vowed we would not let so much time pass before our next visit.  I am thinking of calling their home "Canine Country".  There are only five dogs in residence!  Chelsea is a Bichon and 15 years old now. She was just a puppy when we left Wells.  Lucy is a short haired Daschund and the next oldest. Molly and Sophie are long haired Daschunds and Nellie looks just like Molly except she is a bit larger.  None of them appreciated Sassy's presence!  

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               Nellie, Sophie and Molly                       Lucy and Chelsea           Sassy preferred to stay close to Dad!

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                                                                     Brother Tom and Sister-in-law Wendy

          Tuesday night we were invited to the home of Jim's brother, Scott for lobsters and steamers and Jim was in his glory. Scott and his wife, Colleen have a lovely home in the country. They have 2 adorable daughters, Hailey and Rileigh who kept us entertained. As always I took some photos.



             On Wednesday Tom & Wendy had a family BBQ and we got to see Jim's sister, Linda and his brother, Scott and their families.                              




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